2019 Fair Artists

Agelio’s BatleAgelio Batle: San Francisco artist Agelio Batle's Drawing Hand is both a poetic metaphor and a functioning drawing tool; all of its surfaces can write. Committed to making art from materials that are part of daily experience, the artist originated this work by casting his own hand in pencil lead, graphite, each day for the calendar year 1999. Drawing Hand suggests that our own hands have the innate capacity to be creative instruments. An object full of innocence, desire, pleasure and human potential, it invites you to access your imagination and discover its infinite possibilities. Visit his website.

Anastasia PritchardAnastasia Pritchard is a self - taught resin artist with a background in polymer and precious metal clays. Her fascination with patterns and textures found in nature shines through in her fluid art. Each creation becomes a new adventure as she crafts her work to resemble everything from wood, to geodes, to landscapes.

Arlene RobertsonArlene Robertson - Ahhhh! It’s rum cake time again! One of the richest and most delicious treats of the holiday season. Get there early for a little slice of heaven.

Berkov DesignsBerkov Designs is a collaboration between father Christopher Berkov, and daughter Melina Berkov-Rojas, jewelers and bay area natives. Chris has been a musician, guitar-maker and craftsman for over 45 years. Inspired by the natural world, his original hand-cast designs are unique adornments featuring 14 karat gold, paired with opals and a variety of precious gems. Melina studied visual arts at Sarah Lawrence College, has worked in the TV/Film industry for 15 years, and has been making jewelry for over 8. Her designs reflect innovative flare through contemporary styles, and feature sterling silver, semi-precious, and precious gems and stones. They are excited to be a part of the Muir Beach arts fair again this year. To see more of their work, visit their website.

Brett CrawfordBrett Crawford has been working at the potter’s wheel for almost 30 years, recently shifting his attention from teaching wheel throwing to focusing on his own creations. Brett specializes in creating decorative ceramic forms with natural curves and dramatic finishing glazes. All of his work is created at the Wheelhouse in Mill Valley. You can find see more of Brett's work on his website.

BiBi Hazel ReberBibi Reber, artist and accessories designer, spends many hours gilding the lily in her spare time, which is essentially nonexistent. Never content to leave things alone, Bibi fusses until something emerges; she’s always surprised.

Craig EichenbaumCraig Eichenbaum learned his stone lithography from Kenji Nanau at Cal State Hayward from 1973-1980. In 1980 he acquired the litho press, stones integral to the lithographic process. Since then he has been creating images on those stones and printing from the stones producing small limited editions. He has been recognized by the Marin County Fair and is fortunate to be a resident of Muir Beach for the past 15 years.

Debby AnzianoDebby Anziano, a physician’s assistant, has always loved art in many forms. Originally from the east coast, she has now been a resident of Marin County for 25 years. She began working in glass after meeting the owner of Stained Glass of Marin in Novato where she began taking fusing classes and was hooked. A lover of nature, much of her work is inspired by the colors of fall she grew up with on the east coast.

Debra AllenDebra Allen, our local Muir Beach Realtor, will be joining us again this year. She recycles her beachcombing finds into items she uses mostly for home staging. The photos of these finished pieces become gift tags. She'll also have beach-themed ornaments & strands, shell & driftwood spheres, decoupage wood signs & boxes...Throughout the year, you can buy some of her pieces (including Valentine cards and Halloween potion jars) at a wonderful consignment store in Sausalito, wonderful consignment store in Sausalito.

Ellen LitwillerEllen Litwiller works in a verity of painting mediums, at the fair she will have drawings and paintings done with ink and acrylics. They are inspired by the dynamic environment where land and water meet as embodied by her home, Muir Beach. She works as a muralist, illustrator, model maker and prepares and installs anything that needs to go into an exhibit in natural history museums. Her solo shows and residencies have been focused on the observation and appreciation of the complex and graceful structures of every thing on this planet and beyond. You can see some of her work here.

Gabrielle von BraunGabrielle von Braun has always had a love of all things crystals, rocks and gemstones. So, finding a new way to connect with them by creating handcrafted soaps in the shapes of real crystals has been a lot of fun. They are made with all natural ingredients and bring beauty and function into the palm of your hands. I hope you enjoy these soaps as much as I love making them!  Visit Gabrielle's website.

Guy MooreGuy Moore has been a lamp work glassblower for nearly 50 years. As a teenager he was invited to be the first demonstrating glass worker at the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire of the 1960s in Los Angeles. Over the years between life and art he traveled to 40 countries which created a growing appreciation in handcraft, and a deep desire to see where he can take his delightfully minimalist approach to glassblowing. For him it’s a journey to see the magical pieces that can be made at 3000 degrees in a life-long search for the perfect bottle…amongst other things. You can visit Guy's Website.

HaeSu and YoungMo HongHaeSu and YoungMo Hong are San Francisco based leather artists who truly love and are inspired by nature. Their work depicts the beauty of imperfection and thereby makes their art perfect. You can find them at many art fairs around the bay area and at the SF Art Market in front of the Ferry building in San Francisco.

Jackson MooreJackson Moore has been taking photos his whole life, but his passion for the art sprouted in high school when he took his first photography class. A Muir Beach resident, now in college at U. C. Santa Cruz, he hopes to develop his passion as he plans to double major in photography and environmental studies. His photos don't stick to one specific theme, but rather are a collection of images he explains represent nature in both its classical and abstract beauty.

Jamie WalkerJamie P. Walker is a collage artist living and working in Sonoma County. As a child, I was fascinated by cool papers, stationery, stencils, embossed cards and unique text. Using found papers from recycled magazines, maps, labels and newspapers, a “painting” is created on canvas. The text and patterns in these papers give the artwork a uniqueness and contemporary style. At a distance her collage pieces have one theme but when viewed more closely there is a detailed, abstract quality entwined within. Some papers are placed randomly while others serve a specific purpose in telling the story. I also enjoy the ‘Where’s Waldo’ challenge of finding hidden objects in a crowded space. Jamie’s art hangs in 22 states and 4 countries. Visit Jamie's website.

Janet Tumpich MooreJanet Tumpich Moore creates pendants, dangles and whimsical art of sea glass, beads, crystals and more. Her pendants are wrapped in sterling and copper wire and her dangles are strung with an eye towards creating a unique art piece for any home. Can’t you see these beautiful creations catching the light in your own home?

Jennifer TerraJennifer Terra created her first bracelets sitting on Muir Beach watching her son learn to catch a wave at summer surf camp. What began as a playful craft week became a passion for making: she now creates a range of bracelet designs using semi-precious stones, glass, ceramic, wooden, silver and lava essential oil beads. Jennifer is also a mother, junior high school teacher, Master Reiki practitioner, and nationally recognized diversity training educator. She draws upon these diverse aspects of her life from spirituality to sports when creating her designs.

Jie LeeJie Lee is a local independent clothing designer who drafts and sews all her own work. She has been honing her craft and style for over 20 years… starting in her hometown, Da Lian China, then on to the Tokyo Fashion Institute, across the Pacific to FIT in New York and finally here where she has continued to improve on her style. Her clothing prioritizes comfort and variety to fit people of all types. Each piece is one of a kind and she’s sure you will find something for you here. You can find her designs on Instagram.

Jose (Cuco) AlcalaJosé (Cuco) Alcala: Cuco and Consuelo have been beloved members of the Muir Beach community ever since their arrival from Mexico. Cuco has served on the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department, BBQed tons of chickens at the annual MBVFD fundraiser. And if you’ve been treated to the amazing soft tacos with Mexican grilled pork, rice & beans and salsa he’s served for countless Muir Beach celebrations, you’ll know he’s also a remarkable chef. Now Cuco’s introducing homemade Queso Fresco. It’s excellent crumbled on tacos or sliced on crackers. Feature it on a Mexican-inspired cheese board and you’ll come back for more!

Julie SmithJulie Smith’s marmalades, jellies, chutneys, spreads and baked goodies are perfect for your holiday stocking stuffers, office and hostess gifts. Fans of her holiday breads and spreads will have to get up early for the best selections. As always tasting is involved!

Laura MaherLaura Maher has been a crafter since early childhood. These days she’s been having fun creating ornamental crystal & beaded snowflakes and stars. She uses recycled materials such as pearls, glass, crystals, and gemstones she finds while combing local estate sales. These ornaments can be enjoyed as a holiday decoration, or year ‘round in your window as a sun catcher.

Linda AgapekianLinda Agapekian is of Armenian Ethnicity and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. Although her career has been in Finance & Human Resources her mother taught her to sew & knit. That love of working with her hands led to her hobby of making pins of fabric, fascinators and knits of all kinds. She has started participating in local fairs despite loving to give her creations away to friends and family.

Lisa GrantLisa Grant started as a self-taught metal-smith hobbyist that quickly turned into a passion. Much of the inspiration for her work comes from the diversity of the California landscape from the ocean to the Sierras. I use repurposed metals and wood because they bring history and stories to the pieces. I feel that metal is bold and edgy, yet beautiful and sexy. My hope is that the wearers of my pieces feel empowered by the raw strength of the metal and the uniqueness of each piece. My wall art follows the line of my jewelry. My metal on metal pieces expand on my cuff designs, whereas, the wood and metal pieces have their own rustic and homey quality.

The LittlersLittler Family - Vanessa, Simon, Evie and Bea, use the historic De Angulo Ranch for growing fruit that they all hand harvest. They make preserves, pickles and all kinds of goodies including their famous Dorset Apple Cake. If you come early it might still be warm from the ovens. Evie and Bea are experts in sewing and knitting and create and handcraft soft toys of all kinds including ones from recycled cashmere.

Melissa ParhmMelissa Parhm creates from a place of stillness that allows her work to develop organically. A master of the traditional techniques of drawing, oil painting and silverpoint trained in the United States and Europe, she enjoys experimentation and seeks to forge connections between classical and contemporary approaches to art-making. My body of work is filled with a devotional reverence for nature with a special emphasis on studying the effects of light. To that end I am working with electric bulbs and vacuum tubes. These objects allow me to work with the shape of bulbs and filaments and the vacuum tubes to express the primal energy of fire. I also enjoy the hands-on work with fabric and that is represented in my felted sculptural pieces and soaps.

Muir Beach Garden ClubMuir Beach Garden Club. Their selection of evergreen, herbal and succulent wreaths are always a sell out. Don’t miss their beautiful bird cages or their succulent gardens which are a sure-fire addition to anyone’s home.

Muir Beach QuiltersMuir Beach Quilters return in their new booth at the Muir Beach Holiday Arts Fair with fabulous knitted items, potholders, pillows, crib quilts, art quilts for the wall and for your lap… and there will be other surprises for your gift-giving as well.

MBVFAThe Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Association is front and center, so pick up your favorite item printed with the popular Muir Beach dog logo...T-shirts, hoodies, yoga wear, ball caps, aprons, mugs, and vests. Tees for tots and other children’s clothing are also on sale...start ‘em young!

Nao KobayashiNao Kobayashi, originally from Japan, uses various fabric modification, puppet building techniques and recycled materials to create a collection of playful fabric animals she calls NunoZoo. She is a puppet/costume designer for local theatrical productions and over the past decade she has worked on various projects with dance & theatre productions, fashion & entertainment companies as well as artworks with independent artists, dancers musicians and performers from around the world. Her works celebrate individuality while embracing oddity, mismatches and disproportion, suggesting harmony in new and surprising ways. See her work on her Websites, NunoZoo and naopuppet.

Nicole CatalanNicole Catalan (Groneman) grew up in Muir Beach and her childhood memories are filled with playing outside in nature. "My husband Stephan and I were married on big beach. I now live in Lake Tahoe and love exploring with my kids and letting them grow up outside as I did. I rekindled an old passion for beading when making beaded earrings as gifts for my kids teachers last year. You can find my work on Instagram.

Rod OatesRod Oates has been working with wood since 1969. He was mentored by the late Mr. Welch in junior high school and continued on since. Rod works with primarily recycled-reclaimed hardwoods. Each creation is unique in style and wood seslection. The dual role of utility and art are a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Sandy McCoySandy McCoy built these luggage dollhouses for her kids when they were little. She gave them to her children and now her grandchildren are passing them on to their kids. Three generations - one dollhouse. 
She and her family decided that in this crazy world of technology they would offer the time tested, Grandma approved option of imagination play on the go. From lunch boxes to 24’ luggage fully furnished with a family and finger puppets for girls and boys they are all designed for you to add a weekend’s set of clothes for your child and bring their dollhouse along for the ride.

Sasha MosalovSasha Mosalov was raised in Moscow, and began bookbinding in the early '80s during an era when a large number of literary classics were banned in the Soviet Union. After 35 years in the industry, Sasha's works have been featured in galleries, commissioned for popular life-cycle events, exhibited at premier craft shows, and displayed throughout homes across the world. You can find his latest work and order custom made designs on his website.

Siena KleinEighth grader Siena Klein has been making Malas and other jewelry since 2015 when she became very ill and her doctor/healer mother, Lissa Rankin, taught her to make malas as a part of her healing journey. She took to mala-making naturally, so while in Australia with her mother, she was blessed to experience a bead making apprenticeship with Australian jeweler Ami Ben Hur, whose passion is for sacred jewelry. Siena loves learning about the sacred characteristics of the materials she works with, tuning into the vibrations of the stones and gems she uses and crafting them into beautiful, wearable, meaningful, spirit-infused art.

Tom SolteszTom Soltesz has been a Marin County Artist for over 30 years. He is a member of the California Art Club, and the environmental BayWood Artists. He competes in plein air events, teaches plein air painting and is represented by 3 galleries in California. Visit Tom's website.


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