Artist Gallery

  • g_Becky_Carroll.jpg
    Becky Carroll - Metal arts, including salvaged metal, nails and wood
  • g_Bea_Littler.jpg
    Bea Littler - Handmade upcycled Cashmere toys
  • g_Bethany_Villere.jpg
    Bethany Villere - Baked goodies for adults
  • g_Claire_Leffler.jpg
    Claire Leffler - 3D printed clay as a technique to push material boundaries and create texture
  • g_Corinna_Fielden.jpg
    Corinna Fielden - Beaded floral pendants made of dried flowers, beautiful beads and gemstones
  • g_Craig_Eichenbaum.jpg
    Craig Eichenbaum - Watercolor wall art & stone lithography
  • g_Debra_Allen.jpg
    Debra Allen - Muir Beach themed ornaments & driftwood art
  • g_Ellen_Litwiller.jpg
    Ellen Litwiller - Cards, tea towels, etc. from original illustrations
  • g_Emily-Carroll.jpg
    Emily Carroll - Water color, gouache, acrylic, encaustics, pastel, pencil, wood block prints, and ceramics sculpture
  • g_Evie_Littler.jpg
    Evie Littler - Handmade soft toys, driftwood Santas, and more
  • g_Florence_Buchenroth.jpg
    Florence Buchenroth - Plein Aire seascapes and fine art quilts
  • g_Hilary_Gross.jpg
    Hilary Gross - Essential oil aromatherapy candles and herbal remedies
  • g_Hilary_Sanders.jpg
    Hilary Sanders is a jewelry designer working primarily in sterling silver and bronze. Her work is inspired by natural forms like plants, insects and rock formations.
  • g_Jacqui-Luders.jpg
    Jacqueline Luders - Fun clothes that grow with the child
  • g_Janet-_Tumpich_Moore.jpg
    Janet Tumpich-Moore - Whimsical glass & crystal ornaments and dongles
  • g_Joan_Schwartz1.jpg
    Joan Schwartz - Crocheted “Maddy’s Kat Mats” for your kitty’s special place to nap
  • g_JIll_Hamilton.jpg
    Jill Hamilton - Original landscape paintings capturing the beauty of coastal, woodlands & farmland settings
  • g_Joshua-Luders.jpg
    Joshua-Luders - Drawings that capture the fringe components of nature for humanity’s reflection
  • g_Kasey_Corbit.jpg
    Kaset Corbit - Chocolate truffles & specialty items inspired by nature
  • g_Lala_Caroll.jpg
    Lala Carroll - Ornaments from found objects such as drift wood wrapped in yarn, with threads, beads, bells & recycled plastics
  • g_Leslie_Riehl.jpg
    Leslie Riehl - Quilts, pillows, potholders and other whimsical fabric art pieces
  • g_Lola_Villere.jpg
    Lola Villere - One-of-a-kind children’s jewelry
  • g_Mira-Klein.jpg
    Mira Kiein - Hand knotted gem stone jewelry and meditation malas
  • g_Olivia-Carroll-Weisel.jpg
    Olivia-Carroll-Weisel - Assorted pottery and ceramic beads inscribed with messages
  • g_Rich-Greene.jpg
    Rich Greene - Children's book infused with a sense of humor
  • g_Sasha_Mosalov.jpg
    Sasha Mosalov - Handcrafted Leather bound photo albums, journals, sketch books and more
  • g_Sharon_C.jpg
    Sharon C. - Handmade coastal-themed items including baby gifts, clothing, spa accessories & pet gifts
  • g_Simran_Omer.jpg
    Simran Omer - Ceramic pieces with a sculptural appearance created utilizing the 3D printed clay technique
  • g_Tom_Soltesz.jpg
    Tom Soltesz - Plein Art paintings featuring California landscapes
  • g_MB_Garden_Club.jpg
    Muir Beach Garden Club - Succulent wreaths, dried fruit garlands & Miniature Succulent Gardens
  • g_Quilters_Judith_Yamamoto.jpg
    Muir Beach Quilters - Knitted items, potholders, pillows, crib & art quilts for the wall and for your lap
  • g_MBVFA.jpg
    Muir Beach Volunteer Firemen's Association - The iconic doggy logo is featured on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, baby wear, stainless steel drinkware & more
  • g_Junior_Artists.jpg
    Muir Beach Junor Artisans - Jewelry, candles, Christmas tree ornaments, and more made by Muir Beach kids




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