Fair History


The original Muir Beach Quilters Fair ran for 41 years from 1972-2013. The first fair was very informal. It did not have its full name yet, but it had a big community party theme! It was held in a resident’s house in lower beach. Somewhere along the way the group became Muir Beach Quilters and they wrote a mission statement.

The fair started as an outgrowth of one of the three aims in the Quilters’ original mission. Those aims were to throw a big community Christmas party, to raise money to fund a community center and to support and promote the art of local artisans by providing a showplace for them once a year. This turned into the Muir Beach Quilters Holiday Arts Fair. When the Center was finally built circa 1978 the Quilters started the support of programs at the community center and then added a fourth aim… the Vision Project, to donate to causes “over the hill.” These included the environment as well as women & children.

When the QuiIters decided not to continue the fair after the 2013 event, a small group of residents held a mini fair to keep the tradition alive. The fair, now back to pre-pandemic status, serves two purposes. First, the profits go directly to our local community services district as a line item specifically for community events. This money helps fund events like our summer and winter solstices, Day of the Dead, kids Halloween Party, concerts and other events all year long. Second, it’s an opportunity for our creative artisans to sell their wares and make some extra spending money for the holidays. The Muir Beach organizations that support the community such as the MBVFA, Quilters & Garden Club are each offered a free table and the Junior Artisans/Kids table offers our younger generation the opportunity to make and sell their own creations. It’s a great way to see the quaint town of Muir Beach and find gifts for the holidays as well as the treasure you never knew you needed.




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